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Editor’s note: Please welcome our latest author, Kristin Cantu. Kristin is here today to tell us about Thrive, a blog written by the fine folks over at Children’s Hospital in Boston. I knew you’d appreciate knowing about another fine resource online.

Thrive: flu updates, child health, and the latest research on issues that affect your family.

We decided to start a blog at Children’s Hospital Boston so that we could share our leading pediatric health experts and cutting-edge research with the wider world. We wanted something that was informative, but not stuffy. In July, we launched Thrive, an online space where parents can read and comment about the latest pediatric health information—without having to wade through medical jargon that only someone with an MD after their name could decipher.

Parents can access all of the latest worldwide flu information with our weekly H1N1 update. We’ve shared stories about a vision-saving surgery involving a newborn and a rare artificial corneal transplant; whether childhood obesity is reason enough for the government to take custody of your child; a video series documenting a boy’s life-threatening food allergies; and how to catch dyslexia before it catches your child.

We know we’re lucky to have pediatric experts at our fingertips, and we want to provide answers to questions that are important to parents. We even have our own Mediatrician that answers questions concerning children’s media use.

Our blog has been up for a few months now, and we know that there are a lot of topics we haven’t covered yet. We’re always looking for suggestions from parents! Send us an email anytime, at

Editor again: Thanks, Kristin!

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