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Last year at this time the boys and I went skiing for the very first time ever in our whole lives. Our neighbors’ private school was having a field trip and invited us to join. It was a fantastic trip! The only downside was the 12 months of begging to go again. Skiing is extremely expensive, plus we live far from a slope so I didn’t manage another trip.

There has been much begging. And complaining.

Sunday night Hubby took a call from the neighbors inviting us to the slopes for a similar trip. We’re going to go tomorrow, and the really cool part is we were able to keep it a secret from the boys all week. Hubby is taking the day off, so it’ll be a true family event. Well, except for the puppy. She’s going to doggy day care.

The surprise was nearly blown tonight when the neighbor boys stopped by to drop off the permission forms. Hubby and I both managed enough double talk and scooted them out the door quickly and our boys didn’t seem to catch the whole “tomorrow” thing. The Mercenary asked me directly when the trip was, and I finally said I’d look at the papers and let him know tomorrow. Heh.

I’ll let him know when I wake him up at 7:30 in the morning.

This should be fun. I’ll post pics soon!

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