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Happy Friday, Internets! I hope everyone’s well today. Me personally? I managed to fall on the big ski trip (first time down the hill, even!) and wrenched my knee. Sooooo, I’m spending today resting quietly.

We all went through ski school in the morning, then I spent a half hour trying to convince Captain Earthquake to go up on the bigger hill with us. He skied down it fine last year, but really wasn’t willing to try this time. I was anxious for him to go because skiing it successfully meant earning a pass to ride on the ski lift. Hubby finally convinced him to go. I went up the tow rope (it was a brilliant performance, I might add) and waited at the top. When Hubby and the younger boys arrived, we headed down the hill.

I made a rather large spectacle of myself by falling and twisting my knee at the bottom. The pain was excruciating and I was yelling for help when the ski instructors ran over and released me from my skis. My knee was killing me and I wanted to straighten my leg but they told me to hold still. I really really really wanted to move it, but I forced myself to hold still. You know. That being the wise thing to do and all.

Before anyone knew what was happening, somebody came by and ran me right over. Straightened my leg right out and oooooohhhhh, the relief! I looked up and saw TechnoBoy standing nearby and thought, “My own kid just ran me down!” (I learned later that it was a stranger, not one of my boys.) The ski patrol folks weren’t too pleased, but eh. I was just glad to not be in so much pain. I got a free ride to the first aid shack, two cups of coffee and a couple of hours of quiet while I waited for the kids to have at least a little fun before we left.

Everyone in the ski patrol was wonderful. They got me stabilized and iced the knee. If I had done this for attention, I couldn’t have picked a worse time. I got upstaged by the 10-year-old who hurt himself about 30 seconds after I did and earned himself a trip to the hospital on the backboard. Poor kid was really scared. I pray that he’s all right.

Anywho. Went to the local ER in the afternoon and got an X-ray to prove that no bones were broken. Also picked up my very own pair of crutches, because I can’t bear any weight on the leg. I’ve got strict instructions to call my family doc for followup. School is canceled and the boys are on Help Mom When She Needs It Duty. I informed them that this would include carrying me to the bathroom when necessary. TechnoBoy and The Mercenary were totally taken in.

“You’re kidding!” The Mercenary said.

With a totally straight face and not missing a beat Hubby replied, “It’s either that or hold the cup.”


Hubby was inspired to take a picture to commemorate the occasion and insists that I post it. I combed my hair later, honest.

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