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The following conversation took place between Hubby, The Mercenary, and me recently:

Hubby walks up behind the boy and grabs his hand. Being that everyone in this house has to be a tough guy, he squeezes.

The Mercenary
: squeals like a little girl Ow, ow, ow, that hurts!

Hubby and I: look at boy

Me: You know what both of your parents are thinking right now, don’t you?

TM: No….What?

Me: First, you sound pretty wimpy making that noise over a little hand squeeze. Second, we need to toughen you up. That means Dad will have to beat on you some more.

Hubby: Nods and grins at boy.

TM: Looks from me to his father.

Hubby: Squeezes TM’s hand again.

TM: (thinks for a minute, then says in a manly voice) That doesn’t hurt at all!

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