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Good Thursday, Internets! Today we have a post from Aleya of Endeavor Printing. Aleya is a mom who started a small printing business with her husband. They’ve worked very hard to create some great services for people. Check out her note at the end of the post for a special coupon!

Five years ago, my husband, Brian and I recognized an opportunity for growth in the digital printing market. We started to learn all about graphic design, which is vital to digital printing, and hired the right people for the job. People who were creative, responsible and knew their way around design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I have three kids so I worked at home doing the accounting and marketing for the business. It was no easy task, but starting Endeavor Printing was one of the best decisions that we have made together.

Endeavor Printing gives you the ability to come up with fun, new, creative ways to cherish the times that you have with your friends and family. Some ideas:

  • Creating a unique and personal digital photo album filled with pictures ofmparties, vacations and graduations.
  • Making a calendar with pictures of the kids doing their favorite activities.
  • Brian made a brag book of the kids so that when he’s at work, he can still see their faces.
  • Print your own comic books.
  • Save your mom’s and grandma’s recipes by making a soft or hard covered recipe book.
  • Design your own invitations and thank you cards.
  • Having a dinner party? Place your dinner menus at each plate setting

The list goes on and on. Most printing jobs take 2 to 3 days to complete and the prices are very reasonable.

If you would like to visit our website and see a list of our services, prices and even a video on how we get things done, please go to Endeavor Printing and feel free to drop us a note and let us know what you think.

As a special offer to readers of Earnest Parenting we’d like to offer a 10% discount on orders. Simply use the code EP10 when you order.

Thanks Aleya!

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