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Welcome again to Friday, Internets!  If you’re new here and visiting from Ultimate Blog Party 2010, this is my weekly blog carnival Fun For Your Friday.  Feel free to join in soon!  FFYF is all about sharing a smile to make the last day of the work week go a little faster (and perhaps keep that smile over a busy/hectic/insane weekend).

My smile for the week: I was trying to round up the boys and head out the door for some errands that they DIDN’T want to do.  The older boys in particular were hoping to be allowed to stay home, but I needed them to join me.  I asked The Mercenary to run downstairs and get my purse for me, because crawling down and back up would have taken a long time.  (Yep, I’m still on the crutches.)  He was so busy pleading his case that the purse was not fetched.

After laughing off his arguments and explaining that he’d get a treat for coming along, I asked him for the third time to get the purse.  He was sitting on the couch across the room for me when I said, “If you don’t go get the purse, I’m going to go get in the car and leave by myself.  You know….after jump starting the van since my keys are in my purse….which is downstairs…oh heck, will you just go get it???”

I gotta think out my threats more carefully in future.

And with that, welcome to the April 9, 2010 edition of fun for your friday.

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