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Remember the pasta test we did a few weeks ago? It was fun! As a result of that post, I was contacted by Meredith of McDowell & Piasecki, asking if we’d like to try out a brand I’d not heard of before: DreamFields Pasta.

It turns out that Dreamfields is carried by my local grocery store; I just hadn’t noticed it because I’m usually focused on getting my list items and getting back out the door when I’m shopping. Guess I should slow down and take a look around more often, eh?

I was fascinated to read that Dreamfields is a new kind of pasta, especially helpful for diabetics. The company has a unique manufacturing process in which the carbs in the pasta are not digested. This results in a lower glycemic index (13, versus 38 for normal pasta) which affects your blood sugar less. The pasta is also made with inulin, which is a natural vegetable fiber that’s soluble in water. This apparently helps digestion and is good for your colon because it’s a prebiotic.

Amazing the things you can learn just from testing pasta!

Annnnnyhow. I cooked up a batch of the angel hair pasta that Meredith sent us and it turned out great. I’m very fussy about pasta not being overdone (and I later learned on the web site that this is important; if you overcook the Dreamfields you can break down the carb structure. Plus it’s gooey then. Ewwww), so I cooked it just to al dente, tossed with a little olive oil, and served. A serving of sauce on top made it just lovely and everyone enjoyed their dinner.

That’s not always the case around here….certain individuals don’t always like my experimenting cooking.

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