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Good Friday, Internets! You’ll be pleased as punch to know that we washed 8 chickens in 45 minutes without injury last evening. Granted, I don’t think we got them as clean as a die-hard poultry showman would, but they’re clean enough. We’re going to go with that. Especially since the older boys couldn’t be here to help….there’s only so much work I’m going to do to wash a bird who doesn’t really want to be washed.

I know you were on pins and needles all week, waiting to hear how that went. You’re welcome.

We also have some submissions to the Fun For Your Friday blog carnival. The missing cat one is HILARIOUS!*

Sarah Clark presents The Mother Load: And Now, It’s Time for a Song: Dreaming of Beautiful Flooring posted at The Mother Load.

Ben Scholz presents Missing Missy posted at The Daily Grind.

Casey Markee presents 16 Most Unbelievable School Pranks Ever Committed posted at Boarding School Wizard Blog.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Refudiating Sarah posted at Mad Kane’s Political Madness.

*As long as you don’t mind a little implied cruelty to cat owners. Cat lovers beware.**

**I love cats too and do not condone the implied cruelty, but I’m assuming this never actually happened in the first place.

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