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Happy Friday, Internets! We’ve been enjoying surviving a serious increase in heat and humidity this week at Earnest Parenting. On Wednesday it was so hot that Captain Earthquake took an old Ovaltine container, filled it half way with water and asked for some aluminum foil to put over the top. He was convinced that it would boil just sitting on the sidewalk.

After 5 minutes he returned, carrying a small plant stand he’d found (it’s about 2 feet tall). He wanted to know if he could take the stand outside and put his can of water on it, because after all, “heat rises, Mama.”

There’s no easy way to respond to that and maintain everyone’s dignity, so I resorted to giggling without explanation. Fortunately, he let that pass and I didn’t have to tell him how cute he is. When you’re 7 it’s embarrassing to have Mom think you’re cute.

Welcome to the August 13, 2010 edition of Fun for Your Friday. This week we only have 3 entries because apparently I didn’t do something right last Friday and the newest edition wasn’t scheduled. Oops! That’s okay, we can still smile over these suggestions.

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