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Lanacane was kind enough to send me a sample of their Anti-Chafing Gel last month and oh wow is it a neat product! For starters, it’s quite an experience to take a gel and smooth it onto your skin only to have it dry in seconds and feel just like you’ve used talcum powder. In addition, it smells pretty nice too.

I tried using the gel myself on several hot days to see if it would keep my skin from getting chafed. Unfortunately I sweated it off every time. The weather has been hot, hot, hot here lately.

Next, I tried to convince the boys to try it. Being suspicious types, they turned me down flat. Eventually I was able to sneak up on them and talk them into trying just a dab on their wrists to feel it. Everyone was impressed with the smooth feeling of their skin. I still couldn’t talk them into trying it on a hot day, even though The Mercenary in particular was complaining of chafed skin during those hot sweaty days of the fair.

Undeterred in my quest to test the product, I finally found a very willing test subject in our friend Tracy. Okay, perhaps it’s true that I was telling his lovely wife about my failed attempts to test the product and she suggested I ask him to try it. Tracy happens to be a postal carrier, and the uniform he’s required to wear is polyester. Does that sound fun to wear on hot days while walking a postal route? I didn’t think so either.

Tracy agreed to try the gel, and he loved it! Here’s his exact response:

Wow, Amy, it works great. Instant relief to chapped areas! I have been using it, I am sorry I didn’t get back with you. Awesome stuff! Doesn’t even hurt if the chapped area has become cracked. Apply and no more pain!

So. With that resounding stamp of approval, I’m going to recommend this gel as a solution if you’re dealing with chapped skin in hot conditions. And especially if you have to wear polyester while carrying a bag of mail in the heat. That does not sound appealing.

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