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We’re going with better late than never publishing this week’s edition of Fun For Your Friday. I’ve been working along trying to get the lawnmower back into shape. With TechnoBoy and (a lot of) Hubby’s help, we got the oil changed, replaced the air filter and pre-cleaner, and replaced the oil filter. We also took the mower deck off, scraped and treated the rust, then painted it. This whole process took us over a week, working a little bit every day. When we finally got the mower deck replaced, I drove it out to the lawn and turned on the blades. Ohhhhh, did they spin smoothly and quietly! For about 5 seconds. That was when I ran out of gas.

So the next day, I bought some gas and Hubby filled up the tank. As soon as I started to turn the key, I realized the problem. The battery was dead because someone (cough-me-cough) left the key turned on all night! Oy.

Another day later, the battery was recharged and the lawn was mowed. Phew. So that’s my smile today, that the grass is level.

Welcome to the August 20, 2010 edition of fun for your friday.

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