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Hullooooo, Internets! We’re returning to the weekly Fun For Your Friday plan after taking a short break. This week the younger boys and I had to take the puppy to the vet for a checkup. While we were waiting I commented on how fast her nose was sniffing everything in the room. The Manager and Captain Earthquake both informed me that they could move their noses too. As they demonstrated, I asked, “How do you do that? Do you just breathe fast?”

“No,” said The Manager. “I just flex my nostrils.”

And here for your enjoyment is proof:

Moving on. We have lots of participants in this week’s FFYF. Please enjoy! Welcome to the September 10, 2010 edition of fun for your friday.

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Surendra Singh presents A Mild Case of a Harmless Infatuation posted at Sury’s Stories, saying, “A flowchart of “A Mild Case of a Harmless Infatuation” :)”

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Hot Crossed Limerick posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

MummyT presents Slik Insults: Lost in Translation posted at Travels with a Nine Year Old, saying, “Getting to grips with possibly the easiest language in earth. With probably the worst dictionary on earth.”

Good News Weekly presents The Funniest Family Fued Answers posted at Good News Weekly Vancouver, saying, “Classic answers from the Family Feud!”

Roger Elmore presents 10 Most Infamous Celebrity Death Hoaxes posted at Hospitality Management Schools.

RateMeister presents Let Me Eat What I Want to Eat posted at Project Thinkery. < Aviva Jorstad presents 14 Funnier Names for Conan’s New Show posted at DISH Network News.

Aviva Jorstad presents 4 TV Shows That Should Have Lasted Longer posted at DISH Network News.

Born Again Brazilian presents Communication Discord posted at Born Again Brazilian.

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