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So I’m standing at the bulk-food store with the children when TechnoBoy spots a gigantic container of puffed cheese balls. And by gigantic, I mean GIGANTIC. I don’t usually buy the puffed cheese balls for the boys because a) they’re junk food and b) they tend to stick to your teeth. The 30 ounce container stands a good two feet tall. Captain Earthquake was immediately smitten and reached for the jug.

“I don’t know…..”, I said, studying the $5.68 price. “The problem is if I let you, the four of you could eat this whole thing in one sitting.”

“Then let’s get TWOOOOOOOO of them!” said the Captain delightedly.

Um. That wasn’t the answer I was going for.

When he turned to me with two containers precariously in his arms, I caved.

But we only bought one.

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