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Scene: our house. Adults upstairs, Captain Earthquake in the basement at the computer.

Captain Earthquake: Dad??? I need to spell baking soda.

Hubby: b-a-k-i-n-g…

CE: what? wait!! b….a….what??

H: k…

CE: k

H: i….

CE: (mutters) where’s i? oh! I!!!

H: n

CE: n!

H: g

CE: g!

H: space

CE: space!!

H: s…o…

CE: s…o….

H: d…a….

CE: d…a… Okay, got it! Now I need to make it baking soda bomb!

H: okay. Bomb is b…o…

CE: Oh, I KNOW how to spell bomb!!!

Aaaand scene.

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