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It’s Friday! Happy day, everyone! And time once again for some fun and smiles here at Fun For Your Friday (the official blog carnival dontcha know). This week’s smile is brought to us by Captain Earthquake and his attempts at gentlemanly behavior.

Last week we were on a family drive and stopped at a fast food drive-through to get a snack. The Captain needed to use the bathroom so he and I hopped out of the car to go inside for facilities use while Hubby and the boys paid for the food. On our way in, an older couple was walking out. The woman was holding her granddaughter, so the Captain very kindly tried to hold the door open for her to exit the building.

Only problem was, he pushed the door open and then completely blocked her path.

It took about ten seconds to sort the whole thing out. He stood there holding the door and she stood there trying to figure out how to get past him and I continued to hobble forward (he’d gotten way ahead of me) to try and offer some direction. Eventually he figured out that this wasn’t going to work; the woman’s husband came to the same conclusion and held the door open for his wife from the other side, and everyone managed to get to where they were going.

My little man is such a cutie. Shhhhh, don’t tell him I told you.

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