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For today’s Fun For Your Friday I have a story to share. I had to leave the house yesterday afternoon to do some errands. I was delayed at the church and realized that if the lasagna didn’t get put into the oven soon, we were going to have dinner problems. Naturally I called home and asked a boy to help. The Mercenary was commissioned to walk upstairs and get to the oven. Check. Next I asked him to look at the top row of buttons and push “bake” then the numbers 3, 5, and 0. I could hear the beeps as he pushed the buttons. Next, I asked him to open the refrigerator and take out the square glass dish with the lasagna in it.

him: Got it.

me: Good. Now take the plastic wrap off the dish and throw it away.

him: Okay. Now what?

me: Go get some tin foil out of the drawer and use it to cover the lasagna.

him: Wait…what?

me: I want you to cover the lasagna with tin foil. Go to the drawer and take out the box.

me: You did take the plastic wrap off, right?

him: Yes, it’s off.

me: Okay. Get the tin foil out of the drawer. 3rd drawer from the top. Got it?

him: Yes.

me: Good. Now tear off a piece and cover the lasagna.

him: You want me to take the lasagna out of the pan?

me: No. I want you to cover it. Use the tin foil to cover the dish. Then put it in the oven and close the door and you’re done.

him: Okay. I have to set the phone down.

me: Fine.

(rattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattle of tin foil)

him: Okay, now what?

me: So you covered the whole dish with the tin foil?

him: What?

me: Did you cover the whole dish with the tin foil?

him: The whole dish??

me: Yes. The whole dish. (getting suspicious) Did you take the plastic wrap off and throw it away?

him: Yes.

me: So there’s no plastic wrap on the dish?

him: Correct.

me: And you covered the whole dish with tin foil?

him: Ummmmm.


him: I have to set the phone down again.

me: Okay.

(rattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattlerattle of more tin foil)

him: Okay, it’s covered. Now what do I do.

me: (praying that he’s got this right) Okay, open the oven and put the lasagna in. Then close the door and you’re done.

him: All right. Done.

I finished the errands and drove home. By this time the lasagna had been cooking for an hour and I opened the oven door to check its progress.

Internets, you won’t believe this. The ENTIRE pan was encased in tin foil. I was so worried he was going to cook the plastic that I didn’t realize we were having a difference of understanding of the word “cover”. LOL. It was great! And the lasagna ended up tasting fine as well. I informed him that he would no doubt be the subject of today’s post and when his twin asked what was so funny, The Mercenary said, “You’re just going to have to read Mom’s blog on Friday.”

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