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A few years ago Hubby and I went to a home show, and one of the freebies I brought home was a round red piece of grippy plastic that was really handy for opening jars. Over the course of the following year, I actually lost my grippy and was super thrilled to get a second one the next time we went to the home show. It was just so handy to get stubborn bottles and jars open.

Every now and then I find evidence that boys have been using it. Sometimes it’s sticky, and it’s picked up a few suspicious black marks over the years. Last week I found it in the drawer looking like this.

Did they really think I wouldn’t notice???

I did some investigating and learned from two sheepish 7-year-olds that they had tried to stuff it through a hole that was approximately an inch in diameter.


I’m going to have to hunt for another one. Perhaps we’ll go to the home show again this winter.

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