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It happens now and again that folks send me interesting articles or web sites and I thought I’d share some of them with you. Enjoy!

Stacie Shepp brought my attention to YourGardenShow, which features among other things, a plant of the day article. Children can learn about a new plant everyday, with photos and information on how and where the plant grows, as well as its history. In addition, parents can create a Garden where their children can practice their writing skills by posting on a regular basis. While using this tool, they will also learn about gardening from expert gardeners.

Susan Kilroy shared another article on bullying called 10 Ways Parents Can Prevent Bullying. The more tips and reminders we have to help stop children being victimized (or victimizers), the better.

Paula Dierkens shares an article Top 10 Child Geniuses on YouTube. These are children from around the world exhibiting amazing talents in arts, mathematics, science, and computers. Very interesting (and intimidating, lol)!

Now that homeschooling is becoming so well-established in the US, did you know that it’s possible to earn a college degree from home? No kidding! The boys are already interested. (I told them they’d have to pay rent if they expect to stay home forever). Online schools are also heaven-sent for “nontraditional” college students. If you’re going back for a degree or trying to earn one while working full-time, taking the online classes can be extremely convenient. It’s amazing what technology is allowing these days. Did you know you can stream education via NetFlix? No kidding! The good folks at Online Schools.org have put together a site that has resources for accredited schools at the college level (and did you know there are k-12 online schools as well?), degrees and programs, tips articles, and plenty of resources and support to get you started.

Happy reading, friends!

Image courtesy of Horia Varlan via Creative Commons license.
The link to Online Schools is a sponsored link. I am happy to share this site with you because it looks like a quality enterprise.

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