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(Hullooooo, Internets! I’ve missed you. Life=nuts as of late, but I’m getting back into a schedule and should soon be entertaining updating you regularly again. In the meantime, please read this information sent by the American Lung Association about a really good cause.)

Did you know that Christmas Seals was created in 1907 as a fundraising effort to save a hospital aiding those with tuberculosis? The hospital had fallen on tough times but the Christmas Seals fundraiser helped to raise ten times the goal needed to save it! And thus, the American Lung Association Christmas Seals was born. Over one hundred years later here we are — still continuing to pass down the tradition to our children. While the Lung Association still helps people battling lung disease, they also combat air pollution and second hand smoke to make the air we all breathe healthier.

Year after year, more and more mothers are touched by the tradition. Kate, a fellow mother, has had asthma since childhood which unfortunately went uncontrolled for many years. She now has permanent damage to her lungs. When Kate was blessed with a baby boy this year, he too was diagnosed with asthma at 11 months. So Kate and her family are starting a new tradition in the household this year by supporting Christmas Seals and hoping that a cure can soon be found for this and other lung diseases. There are ways you can incorporate the Christmas Seals tradition into your own household.

On ChristmasSeals you can:

· Read more about the history of the Christmas Seals

· View a gallery of Seals, including the very first seal created in 1907

· Shop for a cause, including Christmas Seals cookie cutters, wrapping paper and greeting cards

· Send an Ecard and share the 2010 Seal with a loved one

· Get your children involved by introducing them to a game and coloring sheet for even more holiday fun

Do you have your own childhood Christmas Seals memory that you would like to share? We would love for you to share your story with us.

For even more information about how you can get involved, please visit the Christmas Seals web site.

If you would be interested in supporting Christmas Seals this holiday season, please share this site with all of your friends and family as it is up to this generation of mothers to keep such an important and worthy cause and tradition alive year after year!

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