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Hello, Internets! Today I’m thrilled to bring you the story of Shannon, who was nominated by Tammy. Here’s what Tammy has to say about her friend:

Shannon has devoted her life to her children and husband. Her kids have had their ups and downs of medical problems their whole life and she has never complained. She has always trusted God that things will be ok, even when things are at their worst. She is a friend that I have always admired and looked up to for the 14 years I have known her. We may live in different states, but she is always there if I need a friend, despite her own trials at home. I love her dearly and thank God for her every day.

This is exactly what I was hoping for with the HIP program. Congratulations Shannon, and thank you for the amazing example you are providing every day for your children and friends. You are an inspiration. And thanks Tammy for taking the time to nominate Shannon.

All right everyone. Who else knows someone who is HIP? Feel free to nominate them on the Heroes In Parenting page. Scroll down for the nomination form.

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