FFYF: Great Thoughts Edition

The boys for some reason were talking about heaven this morning and what it may be like. Typically the younger ones imagine all sorts of fun activities like flying and having every wish fulfilled. The Manager looked at me and said “I hope that I won’t have the power to think of something and have it suddenly appear. There’d be a HUGE pile of stuff! Because I think a lot of things.”

(He’s totally right. That brain never stops working. Mine usually shuts down first after he’s asked more questions than I could possibly answer. And I wish you could see the look frequently on Hubby’s face after a thousand-word question has been posed at the dinner table. Priceless.)

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2 Responses to “FFYF: Great Thoughts Edition”

  1. Funny Fail Pictures says:

    That is a very interesting topic. Everyone has their own opinion about heaven, shouldn’t we be looking in religious scriptures instead of thinking about it without any basis!!!?

    • Amy LeForge says:

      Hi Funny Fail Pictures. Yes, we do teach the boys scripture, but there are many ways to interpret what we will find when we actually get to heaven. We’re promised that it will be more wonderful than we can imagine. I see value in the boys getting excited about heaven and going there and if that means that at the age of 8 they think they’ll be able to fly or have super powers I’m cool with that. And really, I can’t tell them they won’t be able to…can you? Where in scripture is that topic specifically addressed?

      Our imaginings naturally change as we mature, so it’s likely the boys will have a different conception of heaven when they’re adults. If I were to lecture them now and diminish their dreams, what would be the good in that? I’d rather delight in their thought patterns and enjoy them where they are, which is why I shared the story. πŸ™‚

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