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(Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is from Monica, who reminds us that personalized books can help make some very special memories for any child. Thanks Monica!!)

Do you remember your favorite book that you loved when you were a child? That one book that you wanted to read over and over again? By creating a personalized book with the likeness of your child you will give them a keepsake that they will treasure for years to come.

First Time Books offers a variety of books and products that your little one is sure to enjoy!

First Time Books offers personalized books that customize your child’s character into the star of the story! All of the characters are customizable so your child’s story is filled with the familiar faces of their parents, siblings, and friends. Every book is unique because it features characters that are personalized by their gender, ethnicity, hair color and length, skin color, and much more! The technology available at First Time Books offers a new frontier in children’s books publishing. First Time Books offer an array of educational products that excites children to read and motivates them to learn. Parents can bond with their children while customizing a book’s characters and storyline. Personalizing books at First Time Books is really easy in fact your child can do most of the personalizing online, all by themselves!

Capture the part of your little ones childhood that he or she will cherish forever. This unique book is a great gift for all of the little readers in your life. Visit www.firsttimebooks.com and see which book will make your child smile.

Monika can be found at First Time Books, and you can follow First Time Books on Facebook and Twitter.

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