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(Editor’s note: please enjoy a guest post from Anna at Kumon, with some suggestions for making Valentine’s Day extra special. Thanks Anna!)

Valentine’s Day is a chance for children to share their feelings with the people they care about. But how do you do that and stand out from the rest? Making Valentine’s Day cards out of construction paper and putting little candy hearts in bags tied with bows is not very unique. If you want to share a Valentine’s Day that’s memorable, try zigging while others zag.

Try putting a more personal spin on the candy your children share with their favorite friends this year. Visit Printed Candiesand see how easy it is to put custom messages on the candy your children hand out to friends and family. Remember that this is a chance for them to get creative and stand out from the crowd.

This year try a Secret Valentine. Similar to the Secret Santa concept, put friends’ names into a hat and have everyone choose a name. The name each participant chooses will be his or her Secret Valentine. When February 14 arrives, everyone can share the excitement of learning the identity of his or her Secret Valentine.

Unique Valentine’s Day decorative projects can be a source of fun and provide everyone a reminder of what this special day represents. The Valentine’s Day Wreath is both heartwarming and easy to make. Whenever guests arrive at your home, they will be greeted with this festive variation on the classic wreath.

With a few creative ideas, you can make this Valentine’s Day experience one to remember and perhaps one for others to imitate. After all, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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