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Great news, heroes! Remember the Parenting Summit I mentioned last month? (Shameless plug: I’m one of the contributing speakers). The event was so popular that access has been extended through April 30, 2011. How amazing is that?

All of the videos I’ve watched have been just packed with wonderful tips and wisdom. Among my favorites:

Vanessa Van Petten from Radical Parenting. Seriously. The suggestion she makes for how to deal with stressed teens is so simple and powerful that I’m still shaking my head. I really am looking forward to learning more from Vanessa and her team of teen writers.

Tim Elmore from Growing Leaders and Save Their Future is another one I really enjoyed. His video is longer at 26 minutes and I almost didn’t watch it, but I’m SO glad I did. The idea he shares in the last ten minutes or so is world-changing and I can’t wait to try and implement it in our family.

Sarah Cook from Raising CEO Kids shares strategies for connecting with kids and showing love. Definitely solid advice and tips in this video, and not to be missed.

There are many more speakers at the Summit. Please take advantage of the resources. They’re free!

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