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One of the great companies I met at BlissDom11 was MamaMemoirs. This is an online pregnancy journal that is easy to use. I know I struggled with keeping all the details of my pregnancies organized. Being that I’m not an avid scrapbooker, many of those details exist only in my very foggy memory. If I’d had MamaMemoirs to use, I could have typed things in as I went along.

MamaMemoirs is organized into 6 areas. Mood, Body, Bump, Cravings, Getting Ready, and Today are the categories you use for your thoughts and memories. You can track how your body changes, discuss how you feel, add pictures, and follow the personalized pregnancy calendar. Each area is called a Gram, so you fill out whichever Gram you prefer on any given day. There’s room to upload videos and photos, and you can tie in with Facebook, Picasa, and Flickr accounts.

Adding a Gram is quick in 3 easy steps. First, tell how you feel, then add a photo or video, then enter the date and voila! You’ve got a Gram all saved. Your book can be kept private, or you have options to share with some or all of your contacts. MamaMemoirs is compatible with Facebook and Twitter and email for updating your friends and family.

And. And!!! The online journal can be printed as a hardbound book after baby is born. Boy, would that have helped me out.

If you know someone who’s expecting, go ahead and let them know about the great services at MamaMemoirs. They’ll thank you later.

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