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Hello, Heroes! Today’s FFYF is late. Oops. I was traveling all day yesterday and ended up with a massive headache today. But! I took myself to my very first ever spa experience. Yummy. I’ll have to do that again sometime. And the headache is much better, thank you.

With that, welcome to the April 8, 2011 edition of Fun For Your Friday. Please click through and enjoy this week’s submissions…I enjoyed them tremendously!

Christine Wolf presents My kids are writers, too. posted at Christine Wolf’s Blog, saying, “April 8 also happens to be my 43rd birthday. I’d be honored if you’d post any of my articles in honor of my ongoing battle against aging.”

Christine Wolf presents I Love You, But I Won’t Kayak to Japan To Prove It. posted at Christine Wolf’s Blog, Look what kinds of kids I live with…”

Aparna presents 11 Free, Fun Ways to Pamper Your Skin posted at Beauty and Personal Grooming, saying, “the human skin is the largest organ of the body. So with that much exposure, you need to find ways to take care of it and ensure that it is always looking good. Here we look at some simple and inexpensive ways to pamper your skin…that will leave you feeling good, too!skin”

Melora presents Reading…. the new contact sport posted at A Little Slice of Life.

Nora Blithe presents Bad Day Worse posted at Door In Face

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