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Each of the younger boys got his very own Guinea Pig last evening. They’re going to learn all about their new pets and show them at the fair this summer. Very exciting! It was especially dramatic because up until midday yesterday, the plan was only for Captain Earthquake to get an animal. The Manager had firmly refused. Once we got close to the actual event and he saw the cage and various accessories, he asked for his own. I told him we’d work on it, but it wouldn’t be yesterday because we didn’t know where a second animal was, let alone cage and equipment.

When we arrived at the meeting, there were extra Guinea Pigs available and another family had a cage they weren’t using. A quick trip to pick up the cage and another to the farm store yielded up all we needed and within an hour we were on the way home with both pets.

Shortly after sending the kids to bed, the Captain appeared on the stairs saying, “I can’t sleep. Buddy is just sitting there staring at me. Do they do that all the time???”

That’s my boy. Freaked out by a staring Guinea Pig. Can’t say as I blame him, but it was definitely worth the hassle just for that laugh.

Aaaaaaaand! On to our usually scheduled Fun For Your Friday blog carnival, which usually has many participants. And it would this week as well, if SOMEone hadn’t forgotten to schedule the new carnival. Oops! You’ll have to enjoy this little giggle and share some of your own in the comments, and hopefully next week we’ll have some regularly scheduled Fun.

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photo provided courtesy of Jose Carlos Cortizo Perez via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.