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There are different kinds of trust that we offer our children over time. For example, there’s the trust that a child will do her chores responsibly, and trust that he won’t play with matches and set the house on fire. Now that the boys are older, we’re dealing with having to trust them to make good decisions while online. An even bigger issue: trusting them with cell phones. Hubby and I have to trust that they’ll send only appropriate messages, and that they’ll respond appropriately if someone sends them a text, link, or picture that is untoward.

The kinds of trust I’ve mentioned so far are a little bit difficult, but as a parent I’ve been growing into them along with the boys. There’s one kind of trust though, that’s really scaring me: trusting that my children will….read the rest over at my post on trust at radicalparenting.com (squee! so exciting to be included over there!)

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