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Encouraging Heroes. You can be one too.

Hulllo, Heroes! Funny story: the older boys got it into their heads that we should let them watch The Matrix movies. We saw episode one several weeks ago and episode two shortly thereafter. It took a while to get to episode 3, which we finally played tonight. At the end of all the excitement, The Mercenary was dumbfounded. “That’s it??”

Poor kid. I guess he wanted closure.

Welcome to the May 6, 2011 edition of Fun For Your Friday. Franco Bertucci presents Awkward Guy: My Favorite Thing to Step On posted at Awkward Guy.

Toni presents 20 minutes later posted at Wifely Steps, saying, “Sometimes kiddie clutter just makes you shake your head and smile. That is before the reality of having to pick up after them kicks in.”

Earnest Parenting: help for parents who step on toy goats in the night. (If you didn’t get that, click Awkward Guy’s submission.)

Photo courtesy of My Melting Brain via Creative Commons license, some rights reserved.