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(Editor’s note: please welcome Jessica with a post that all of us should keep in mind as we consider nutrition for ourselves and our children. Thanks Jessica!)

People always concentrate on the nourishment of body. It is true that human body requires proper nourishment so that it can accomplish the daily tasks. But it is equally true for the brain. Human brain also needs proper nutrition to think, store information, remember, concentrate and focus. But people often overlook this important issue.

If you are wondering how to get nutrition for the brain just go through the following points.

Brain Nutrition through Foods: Just as your body gets necessary nutrition through food, your brain also gets all the required nutrition through foods. Brain and nutrition go hand in hand. Foods such as rice, fruits, vegetables that contain carbohydrates promote relaxation and sleep. But if you want to speed mental performance and improve alertness you need to have foods that contain amino acids. Food items like meat, fish, milk, cheese are good brain nutrition as they help to produce neurotransmitters which improve the performance of human brain.

Food rich in Omega 3 fats are also good for the brain as “myelin sheath” the cover protecting our brain is made of these fats. In the absence of Omega 3 the brain can not send signals to the body. It may hamper things like blood circulation, inflammation along with memory and mood and immune system. Food items such as salmon, tuna, sardines, trout and mackerel and herring are rich in Omega 3.

Brain Supplements: If you think that the food items you have on a regular basis are not sufficient for brain nutrition, you can opt for supplements for brain. You can take minerals and multivitamins. Vitamin B, C and E are good for brain nutrition. These vitamins contain antioxidants that promote and preserve memory.

Water to Hydrate Brain: Do you know 75% of the brain is made of water? The brain needs to be hydrated in order to work well to its fullest capacity and potential. You should drink at least two liters of water a day so that your brain can function properly.

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