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Have you ever thought you could turn your daily walk with baby into a fitness habit? Well consider this. It’s happening all over the country. Yes, moms with strollers are gathering in groups to make your outing with baby into a fitness craze.

“The idea is to use the stroller as a piece of fitness equipment and doing exercises that actually rely on the stroller, or workouts that can be done while your baby is in the stroller,” says Lisa Druxman, founder of San Diego-based Stroller Strides.

So with a little ingenuity a resourceful mom out with the kids can get fit at the same time. Imagine turning your Joovy Caboose –into a fitness device.

In fact, there is nationwide strength-training class based on strollers of any make and model. There they teach how moms can lift strollers in a way that produces the same effect as gym equipment. This program is so popular that they’ve grown to 300 centers nationwide.

Consider Strollercize, which began 15 years ago in New York’s Central Park. Or, how about Baby Boot Camp in Sarasota, Fla. and StrollerFit in Cincinnati, OH. All are teaching ways to stay fit by incorporating fitness with you daily stroller walk.

Although most strollers will do fine, you can also buy strollers specifically built for workouts. Have a look at Bumbleride Indie twin reviews to see if they offer stroller fitness tips as well.

Burning Post-Baby Fat With Stroller Fitness

All of the programs I’ve researched are unique; they all emphasize lengthening and strengthening muscles, cardiovascular endurance and burning post-baby fat.

Most programs start with a warm-up, followed by power walk with baby in stroller. After that body toning is suggested during a break in the park.

Try lunges or squats using your stroller to brace yourself. Or you might try using a park bench or table as an aid doing push-ups or sit-ups.

“MommyMuscle is a program that offers a specific combination of cardio and strength training, that when coupled with good eating habits, is a recipe for postnatal fitness success,” says Clay. Amy Clay, of StrollerFit, says the company’s “MommyMuscles” workout targets the core muscles of the abs and torso, which are overused often during and after pregnancy.

Fun And Games For All

Babies love these stroller combo/workouts too. They are not only helpful for moms but provide excellent entertainment for baby. Try blowing bubbles as you run or mix in songs and games for the kids to enjoy as you do your lifting.

Although most moms join stroller programs for the exercise, these gatherings offer social benefits as well. If you are a new mom you may have become isolated after having your baby. You may have a feeling of being disconnected from their peers.

So why not look for a class in your area if you’d like to join with other moms sharing a passion for excellent baby care and fitness & fun for all.

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