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Blue HIP buttonIt’s been far too long since we had a Hero In Parenting nominee. Totally my fault! I took down the contact form to make some changes and got distracted and wandered off. But we’re back! Hooray! After you read about our fantastic Hero Mom, check out my announcement at the end of the post.

Sherry from City Chic On a Farm sends in today’s nominee: Warrior Mama. Lisa is the mother of two special needs children. That in itself is heroic! It’s hard enough to keep up with the needs of one or two average children. Making sure you’re the best parent you can be to special kids? Huge.

In addition to being an amazing mom, Lisa blogs. Here’s her statement on why she started writing:

This website is my dream to help break down the walls isolating special needs families and providing them with information to help them achieve their goals.

I’m so thankful to Sherry for nominating Lisa. Thanks Sherry! And I’m super excited to meet Lisa in person today, because there’s a rumor we’re at the same conference. Right now. How cool is that??

As the newest inductee to the HIP hall of fame, Lisa is entitled to display a HIP badge on her site, and (AND!!!) she’ll be able to get one of my new HIP bumper stickers, coming out late summer. (I’m so excited about those.) All details and the blog badges are available at the Heroes In Parenting page.

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