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(Editor’s note: I’m SO sorry to our usual contributors for not getting FFYF published these past few weeks. Life has been….crazy. Getting better now!

The older boys and a friend went swimming in our pool the other day. By “pool” I mean one of those Intex soft-sided pools that are above ground and somewhat small. It works fine for us, it’s just not a very large thing. Anyhow. The boys were playing and Hubby walked out to talk to them. Seeing him approach, one of the boys said, “Quick! Hide underwater!!” At which point, all of the boys in the pool ducked under the water.

Hubby simply stood and waited them out, trying not to laugh too much at them. Clearly they hadn’t thought the whole thing through. Heh.

Welcome to the June 24, 2011 edition of fun for your friday.

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