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Hulloooo, Heroes! Are you suffering from the big heatwave today? Me too! Well. Not completely “suffering” as I’m blessed with a very cool basement in which to hide. The only thing I have to be careful of is going outside and then back in quickly as that can cause a massive headache. I learned that the hard way yesterday. Anyhow! Hope you’ve got a nice cold glass of water and that you’re staying hydrated. Feel free to send some sympathy my way, as today is the first day of the county fair, so we’ll be outdoors getting the guinea pigs registered and squared away. Should be fun! And hot. Bleh.

Welcome to the July 22, 2011 edition of fun for your friday. SmithRatliff presents Cocktails, Fresh from the Market posted at Smith & Ratliff.

Africanlegend presents Top 50 excuses to give if you are caught sleeping at work (Part 1)! posted at Stuff-About.com, saying, “50 Brilliant Excuses to use when you are Caught Snoozing on Job (Part 1 of 2)! Have you tried one of these?”

Andy S presents Scientists confirm biscuits are the answer to life’s problems posted at The Outside Toilet.

Julia Longueville presents The easiest thing you could ever bake… posted at hazelnut.

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