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(Editor’s note: please welcome Zach with a guest article on handling kids and technology. Thanks Zach!!)

In today’s busy life it’s difficult to protect your child from every evil, whereas, children are badly addicted to technology such as computers, play stations, video games, televisions and most of all mobile phones. All these things play a massive role in manipulating the minds of our young generation. This is the reason why scholars are trying to emphasize on parents that technology can have adverse impact on our upcoming future. Hence, it’s very important for parents to take certain measures to protect their children from the monstrous use of technology.

Technology corrupts the tiny brains of our youngsters in several ways. It can pull children away from parents and cause family fragmentation. It can turn your kids into zombies who are always running away from studies and engaging themselves in these disastrous gadgets which is turning their creative smart brains into numbness, immobile, lethargic and lazy by its excessive use. It is rather drastic to see how they avoid hanging out in parks and run from physical games i.e. soccer, basketball, baseball etc.

There is a thin line between keeping and breaking someone’s trust. Children assume that whatever they are doing is right, despite acknowledging how their parents are trying to make them understand the difference between wrong and right. They seem to be least bothered about what their parents say ignoring the fact that they have a long list of experiences gained from their own mistakes. However, it is parent’s duty to ensure that their kids are doing the right things at right time of their age. It is their responsibility to keep a check on the whereabouts because children nowadays don’t think much before putting themselves in the wrong hands, but when it comes to suffering both the ends are burning because there is a spiritual connection between parents and children. No matter how hard they try to hide their stuff from parents, parents will find out sooner or later.

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