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(Editor’s note: please welcome Amanda with 7 ways to improve your relationship with your teenager. Thanks Amanda!)

As adults, the most cherished memories we have is of our teenage days. But many adults also nurture horrifying memories of their teenage. Teenage is the most difficult phase and complicated too. It is the stage where we are neither a child nor a fully fledged adult.

Dealing with a teenager can be very difficult at times. Teenagers are usually considered as moody, rebellious, and out of control. It is a common assumption about a teenager that they hold many secrets from their family and can lie very easily without letting anyone know.

Often parents also find it difficult to understand their teenaged kid. They fail to notice the hormonal and emotional changes happening in their kid and succumb to anger and abuse. All this leads to unnecessary complications and the ugly scenes get imprinted in the minds of the teenaged child forever. Every teenage child needs the support of his/her parent.

Trust is the most important factor for a stable relationship between parents and teenager. A relationship full of trust makes it very easy for parents to deal with their growing kids. Parents should try to establish a strong bond with their teen age kids. They need to understand that hormonal changes are the main reason for their mood swings and out of control behavior. Teen years are the years when children start creating their own identities. They want to be more independent and drift away from their parents, both physically and emotionally. They do not disclose everything to their parents and keep them in the dark about certain things.

As matured parents, we must understand our kid and assure him that we trust him. But the main problem lies in how to trust your teenage kid and how to make your son or daughter trust you back. Here are some tips which could help you to deal with your teenage kid and resolve trust issues with them. They are as follows:

1. Spend time with your kid: Spend more time with your kids. This reduces communication gap between you and your kid. It will also help in creating friendly relationship.

2. Do something together for fun: Plan out some activity together with your kids. This can be like creating something together or painting the walls of a room. Anything, that helps you in bonding together. You can even watch TV, watching something you both enjoy together. For example a sports match or a movie.

3. Encouraging talks: Encourage your teenage kids to talk about their problems. Start the conversation by sharing your problems as teenager. This would help them talk openly with you. Show them that this is part of growing up and is completely normal.

4. Show trust in their abilities: Show your trust in the capabilities of your kids. Encourage whatever they are doing; be it dance, sports, or music. Never make the mistake of comparing your kid with kids of others who are more successful. Do not ridicule your kid. Instead support him.

5. Show respect: Give respect to your kid’s interests, likes and dislikes. If you feel that he is taking a wrong decision, talk to him and make him understand the risks involved. It will help your teenage kids in making right decisions. They will appreciate your efforts and always consult you in future.

6. Create a healthy atmosphere at home: You must try to create good atmosphere at home. Better environment always helps in having better relationship. A healthy relationship can encourage the teenage kids to express their feelings and thoughts.

7. Trust your kid’s friends: Problem of trust often emerge because of your kid’s friend circle. Know all his friends and invite them home for snacks and tea. This would make your kid happy and bring an assurance that you trust him.

Conclusion: Nothing is impossible to win with love and mutual respect and trust. Give freedom to your teenaged kid, but at the same time, take care of him and be watchful and guide him throughout. Treat him like a friend and not like an immature child.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is a blogger who loves writing on parenting and health portal. She is lately focused on the issues associated with teenagers and the parenting information required to deal with them effectively.