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Periodically I get emails from people sharing posts and articles they’ve published. So, to stay in the spirit of things, I’m sharing with you!

Tim writes about 10 Scary Ways That Parents Are Planning for College. I have to say, I’m not thinking that any of these are fantastic choices. Just sayin’.

Juliana has this article: 10 Reasons Some Families Ban TV. To be honest, I see great wisdom in banning TV for children, but just knocking it out altogether could result in some problems. We’ve taken the route of allowing TV but watching as much with them as we can and modeling the behavior of not watching smut, gore, or gratuitous violence. And? We try to keep them as busy as possible, and we tend to watch older shows via Netflix which blocks out a lot of the junk. The rest, we deal with.

Sheryl has an absolutely beautiful article here: 10 Choice 4-Letter Words to Teach Our Kids. This one’s worth printing out and referring back to in life.

Enjoy your reading!

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