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It’s Friday again, Heroes! Time for some fun, or at least a smile. I’m smiling today because I have been cleaning like crazy this week. The dust was so thick that my allergies were giving me a terrible time, so me and the vacuum have been spending lots of quality time working. There’s plenty more to do, but the improvement is huge. And! Today I baked 2 dozen mini-quiches to freeze for breakfasts, and made a test batch of some breakfast cookies with Captain Earthquake. The Mercenary helped too. There are 97 other things to get to today, but at least some important things are done. Hooray! I’ve been feeling like I’m drowning for a long time now; it’s a happy thing to know that there are at least a few things I don’t need to stress over for a little while.

Welcome to the September 9, 2011 edition of fun for your friday. Jennifer Saksa presents Bringing A Comic To Life With Photo Slideshow Software posted at NCH Software Blog, saying, “Taking a comic off the page and bringing it to life using slideshow software for a multimedia cinematic experience.”

Susan Guarneri presents 9 Things You May Not Know About Labor Day posted at Online Degree.net, saying, “Labor Day means much more than the end of summer. This day marks an important turning point in U.S. labor history and has forever changed the way Americans live and do our work.”

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