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Did you know that Kleenex has a new line of tissue? It’s called Cool Touch, and actually feels cool to the touch when you use it. I have no idea how they manage that, but it’s really amazing.

You may have noticed that the blog got rather quiet last week. That’s because I had a terrible cold and didn’t feel good enough to do any typing in the evenings…I just wanted to go to bed. I took my vitamins and stocked up on the tissue. Interestingly, my trial box of Kleenex Cool Touch showed up on the second day of misery. I did ask Joe if he’d arranged for me to receive the box at exactly that time. (He assures me this was purely a coincidence.)

I gave the tissue extensive field testing, and would definitely recommend it for soothing a sore nose. Plus that coolness is just so interesting! I wish I knew how they do that.

Kleenex has a program called Softness Worth Sharing, and if you click over to the site, you can send a Share Package with a friend or loved one, and at the same time get your own sample of the Kleenex Cool Touch.

I got to send a friend a box of Kleenex this past winter at the BlissDom conference. What a fun way to send a smile! Let me know if you send a box, and if you like the new Cool Touch tissues.

Full disclosure: I received a box of Kleenex Cool Touch tissues for free. They were very helpful when I had a terrible cold in my nose.

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