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Good Friday, heroes! This week I spent more than a little time arguing with The Mercenary over one thing or another. Wednesday I was sitting on the stairs as he was walking up and I said something to the effect of, “I love you enough to fight with you.”

He bounded up two more steps, looked deeply into my eyes and exclaimed, “Please!!! Love me less!”

Welcome to the October 14, 2011 edition of fun for your friday. Zhu presents How To Understand Canadian Jokes | Correr Es Mi Destino posted at Correr Es Mi Destino, saying, “Humor, jokes, what’s funny and what’s not strongly dif­fers in cul­tures. Cana­di­ans have a strong sense of humor, and Cana­dian humor is an inte­gral part of the identity.”

Pamela Jorrick presents Relaxing Family Yoga…. Well….Not Really posted at Blah, Blah, Blog.

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