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(All right men, we’re going to be discussing girl stuff in this post, so you can just mooooove on along. See the bottom of the post for a holiday note and gift suggestion for all the women in your life. But really. You don’t need to read this next part. Okay? Good. Off you go. Thanks.)

You may recall I went to the BlissDom conference last January. While there, I was given an, ahem, undergarment by Jockey. While we’re discussing unmentionables today, I will tell you that my typical choice has been of the Hanes or Fruit of the Loom variety, usually purchased at WalMart during the Black Friday sales.

I know. Gripping, in’nt it? What can I say? Underwear is usually a good buy on that day.

Seriously. Check it out for yourself. Socks, undies, and winter boots are there for the buying. It’s worth getting up at 3:30 in the morning just for the savings.

I digress.

So I got the underwear from Jockey and was a little unsure about the whole thing. I mean, I write about parenting. How would underwear fit in?

Let me tell you ladies, it really does. That one set of undies is soooooo comfortable! I never knew that you could wear something that really moved right with you and didn’t bind or constrict. Wow. I really do feel a bit more luxurious when I’m wearing them.

Jockey offered the chance to be in on announcements of new products and blog about them, so I signed up. Last month I attended a webinar of their spring collection, and then (and then!!!) they sent me a different style of undergarment. This time a shirt and panty. Oh my goodness, the fabric is so soft!

And, I saw the neatest product modeled in the webcast. It’s called the Skimmie Slipshort, and it’s revolutionary. Instead of wearing a slip under a skirt, you wear a Skimmie. It looks a little like biker shorts. How cool is that???!?

I personally gave up pantyhose years ago. Being pregnant with twins will do that to you. So now wearing a dress means being very cold or suffering from that lovely chafing of the thighs in the heat of summer. Neither is very much fun. Now with the Skimmie, I can be warm in winter and comfortable in summer. I’m so excited about getting one! I’ll definitely be shopping for one the next time I go to the city.

And on Black Friday, I may forgo the Hanes and look for some Jockey sales.

All right men, here’s the holiday suggestion. Buy some pretty undergarments-camisoles, shirts, and panties-for the women in your life. Jockey has some great offerings, and you’ll be glad you did. If you don’t know what to choose (size, color, or style) then why not get a giftcard to a Jockey store?

FTC disclosure: Jockey invited me to the spring collection webcast and sent me a lovely undershirt and panty set, along with the garment I received at BlissDom. They didn’t send me a Skimmie though, and I love the idea enough to buy one myself and recommend it to you.

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