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There’s just so much wonderful stuff to read online! Today, please enjoy some of the articles forwarded to me over the past month.

Abby shares 10 reasons to consider a nanny who is a mom.

Melanie is spying on her kids! That’s my kind of parenting. 10 Ways to Use Technology to Spy on Your Teen.

Paul has ways to get kids to floss. No kidding! 10 Ways to Get Kids to Floss.

Roxanne reports that nannies hate some beloved pets. I had no idea. 8 Pets Kids Love that Nannies Hate.

Ellen is all about helping single moms get funding. Did you know grants are available for single moms? Yup, it’s true: Grants for Single Mothers.

Lindsay writes about sick kids going to school. 10 Reasons Parents Send Sick Kids to School. This is why I insist that my kids take vitamins. When I remember, at least.

Tina says that kids often say things to babysitters that are a little, ummmm, revealing. 10 Embarrassing Things Kids Tell Babysitters

Sara discusses male nannies (called ‘Mannies’) 10 Reasons You Might Prefer a Manny

Suzanne reports 10 Things Every Au Pair Should Learn About Their Host Country

Barbara surprised me with 8 Reasons Being Stubborn Can Be Good For a Kid

Nancy warns 7 Signs Your Toddler is Manipulating You

Happy reading, everyone!

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