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(Editor’s note: please welcome Rebecca’s suggestions for lessons in morality that we can all use. Thanks, Rebecca!)

Every parent should groom his or her kid into a sensible and responsible human being in whom virtues far outweigh the vices. Parents should initiate imparting moral lessons to their kids from a very young age as it is easy to mold the tender minds. A child’s character shapes up depending upon how well the moral values are absorbed by his or her impressionable mind. Gradually, the child develops a strong character and is able to distinguish between good and bad. The mind of a child becomes positively focused and not entangled in confusion. Moral lessons enable the kids to make right decisions even in the toughest situation.

1. Be a role model Kids adore their parents most and it is quite natural for them to follow their gestures and deeds. Parents should be conscious of their behavior and manners and never set any bad example for their kids to follow. If you teach your kids not to tell a lie, you should refrain from that too. If you go on lying on trivial matters, they will also try to manipulate you through lies. Kids are prone in committing simple mistakes repeatedly and often resort to lying to hide their fault. Instead of scolding, explain them clearly the negative impacts of lying and encourage them to admit their mistakes. This will build confidence in your kids and they will gradually stop lying. Always praise your kids for their good manners and deeds.

2. Practice what you preach Parents should practice what they preach. If you teach your kid to be kind to the poor and sick, you should also demonstrate the same. Encourage your kid to give alms to the poor occasionally. Behave gently and show your caring nature for your kids to follow. If you exhibit rudeness at home or outside, naturally your kids will adopt this and earn a bad reputation at school or among friends. Be firm to your beliefs and share the same with your kids. Maintain a disciplined life and your kids will automatically follow your footsteps.

3. Read out moral stories and fables Reading out loud to the kids strengthens the bond between parents and kids. You can read out fables and moral stories to your kids very often to inculcate ethics and moral values. These stories are simple and are quite attractive. The tender minds of the kids grasp the moral of these stories easily, and they will try to apply the same at home or in school. This is one of the effective ways to teach moral lessons to the kids.

4. Teach the value of sharing and caring Inculcate the value of sharing in your kids as they grow up. They should learn to share their favorite things with their siblings and friends. Teach them how to take care of younger siblings. Encourage your kids to take care of pets. Teach them to be kind with the animals. Strictly discourage any cruel behavior of your child.

5. Teach your child to respect others Your kids should learn how to respect parents, teachers and elders. Gradually, they learn to respect their friends and the younger ones. Teach your kid that one can earn respect and fame only if he or she shows respect to others. Most parents neglect this vital part and the personality of the kid does not develop as expected. A child failing to realize the value of respect is bound to suffer in every aspects of life.

Imparting moral lessons to the kids is no less important than other aspects of upbringing. In fact, a child’s grooming is only half done if parents fail to inculcate moral and ethical values. Parents should squeeze out enough time from their busy schedules to impart moral lessons to their kids. They should keep an eye on the activities of their kids. Kids should be prevented from watching nonsense TV programs and keeping bad associations. Otherwise, all efforts of good parenting will turn out to be futile.

About the author: Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and health. Beside this she loves travelling and exploring new places. These days she is writing an article on latest fashion trends.

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