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If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, or know of someone who is, then you are probably well aware of the stereotyping that goes along with the bike. However, if you are just looking into riding, or your loved one is, then you might want to know the truth behind it all.

Motorcycle riders have had to fight stereotyping for years, unfairly actually. I know several people who ride, and I would like to clear the air about a few of them.

Perhaps you know of someone who is thinking about buying a motorcycle, and you want to learn more about what you have been hearing. Read on, to ease your mind about some of these myths.

Myth #1 – Bad to the Bone

The old George Thoroughgood song comes to mind when I think of the most prominent misconception about bikers. There seems to be a feeling among a few that because you ride a motorcycle, especially in large groups, that you must belong to a seedy motorcycle gang.

While there are a scattered few who might fall into that category, the majority of riders are everyday people, like you and I. They come from all walks of life ranging from the assembly line worker to the CEO of a large corporation. I even knew a pastor of a church who loves to ride his motorcycle.

Myth #2 – They Wear Black Leather to Look Cool

Black leather in the motorcycle community is rampant, yes. But, there is a reason for it, other than it looks amazing.

The main reason riders wear leather motorcycle jackets, gloves, boots, and pants, is for protection. It’s the best material available to protect a rider from the pavement, if they happen to meet it unexpectedly.

Also, black is the most common color for leather. Sure they make other colors, but black is universal and common even for non-riders.

So, the next time you see a rider in all black leather, know that it’s mainly for protection, which is why you will notice it even on warm days.

Myth #3 – Bikers are Destructive

For some reason, bikers get a bad reputation of being destructive with property. Perhaps it’s what people see in the movies, or have seen reports on the news about a scattered few who have been in scrapes with the law.

However, I remember overhearing a conversation with someone who owns a hotel in a popular spring break area. Someone asked them if they dread biker week, and the response was enlightening. They had said they would much rather have bikers stay with them, then any other spring break group that comes down.

Their reasoning is because they realize that if they have a nice motorcycle, they usually know how to take care of valued property. They added that they have never had any issues with bikers in the years they have owned their hotel.

As I stated earlier, I know several bikers, and tend to agree with this hotel owner.

Myth #4 – Bikers are Anti-Social

This one can be true, and can be false at the same time. Just like any group of people, you will find various personalities among them. Some might be a loner, while others are very social.

In fact, there are several bikers who rally together for good causes, and go on ‘runs’ for benefits. They do this in packs, not alone. The next time you see a large group of bikes going down the road, it just might be to help cure a disease, or to raise money for a family who is struggling.

So, while they may ride alone at times, they are just like any other group, with many differences between them.

Myth #5 – Bikers are Broke

This is not true, on the whole that is. Sure, some bikers might be struggling financially, but it’s certainly not a given. Quite often a motorcycle is a biker’s second vehicle.

It may be an inexpensive form of transportation, but that doesn’t mean it’s the reason they are riding. Most bikers ride because they love to, and no other reason. In all actuality, if it’s a second vehicle, that probably means another insurance bill, loan payment, and the cost of maintenance as well.

In addition to the cost of the bike, there’s the equipment, such as:

  •     Helmet
  •     Gloves
  •     Saddle bags
  •     Boots
  •     Leather jacket
  •     Heated motorbike jackets

These are all costly items to have and maintain. So, as a hobby, or second vehicle, I wouldn’t consider a motorcycle as a poor man’s ride.

In Closing

I hope I have been able to shake some of these common myths about motorcyclists. What it comes down to, is that they are no different than any other group of people. In most every group, you will see a wide variety of personalities and lifestyles.

About the Author:

Melissa Cameron has written numerous articles offering money saving tips and valuable advice on various topics. She loves surfing the Internet, looking for deals and learning new things. Melissa currently resides in Texas with her husband and 2 children and she has just discovered Twitter.

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