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As a proactive parent or teacher, you will undoubtedly be involved with the fundraising activities that go on throughout the school year. Many schools rely heavily on fundraising activities in order to purchase important equipment that enhances school life for many children. If you are seeking new ways to raise awareness and crucial funding for schools, here are a few ideas that never fail to get the pennies rolling in.

Tea Towels
A great way to raise funds is through the sale of tea towels that feature a self-portrait from the children in each school year. Many parents will be interested in purchasing a tea towel as not only are they practical, they are also a great keepsake to look back on with their child when they are a little older. Tea towel printing is easy when you choose a reputable provider, meaning you can gain funds quickly and simply.

Talent Contests
Why not take advantage of the X Factor/Britain’s Got Talent hype by putting together your own contest? From drama performances through to dance routines and singing acts, you can rest assured children will simply love taking part. Ask students who are interested in art to design a ticket which can then be scanned, printed and sold to parents who wish to attend this fantastic evening of entertainment.

Bake Sales
With cupcake fever currently sweeping the nation, a bake sale is a sure fire way to raise money for the school. Ask parents to contribute by bringing in cupcakes and muffins as well as other sweet treats and ask teachers to run the stands. Open up the school hall to the public for a morning and drum up interest by asking children to make bright posters for the bake sale. By organising an event such as this once a month, you can help to provide essential funding for the school as this method of fundraising has proved incredibly popular amongst educational institutions all over the country and beyond.

When inspiration is lacking but funds are needed whether it is to buy a new computer for the IT suite or perhaps gymnasium apparatus, try these fundraising ideas throughout the school year and see how much you are able to collect from supportive families.

Sophie has plenty of experience in fundraising for local schools, so from printed tea towels to bake sales you can rest assured that a significant difference can be made by organising and taking part in these fun activities.

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