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An increase in obesity cases has been rising up since the 1980s. Recent studies show that 15% of kids are overweight and 68% of adults are obese. Forecasts show that in 3 years, 75% of US Citizens would be overweight. This alarming increase compelled researchers to know its possible causes and to formulate a cure for it. One known cause of obesity is the lack of sleep.

Sleep is when we close our eyes to rest and unwind. Sleep can be compared to the Pit Stop in Formula 1 Racing. It is where the damaged parts of a car are being fixed, replaced and tighten. Just like when we sleep, we dive into our comfortable bed mattress and we relax. It is through sleeping our bodies rejuvenate. Through this, we are able to regain strength to prepare us for our next activities. So what is really the relation between the two? Let’s find out.

Scientists all over the world have pointed out that people who are sleep deprived have a huge potential of overeating. Because they have more time to munch in some snacks and their bodies desire for more food. One scientifically based factor is the person’s hormonal imbalance when sleep deprived. Leptin, a hormone associated with our appetite, is low when we lack sleep. While another hormone called Ghrelin, responsible for appetite stimulation, is high. These two are responsible for our overeating habits. It prompts our body to eat or not eat. Another hormone called insulin, which affects our body speed and its ability to store fats, is also responsible for obesity. Our metabolism rate is also affected when we lack sleep.

Some would argue that we can do exercises in order to burn the fats stored in our system. Yes that’s definitely true, if and only if we can literally and physically engage ourselves in exercising. But how can we do this if our energy level is low. Lack of sleep means low energy. This then reduce our likelihood to burn those unwanted fats.

In this busy world, who can do their stuffs and at the same time have the right amount of sleep? I say, it’s just a matter of prioritizing. Discussion above shows that people who are sleep deprived are prone to being obese. So let’s have that 8 hours where we can just simply rest. Besides, we still have 16 hours to spend for other activities right? Be healthy: eat right, exercise, and sleep.

Author Bio:
Treisha is a portrait of a modern-day Party Girl. Nights of dancing and socializing are not uncommon in Treisha’s life, but she claims to know and respect her limits. When responsibilities and opportunities align themselves, she knows how to prioritize them and keep them in order. Treisha works part-time as a blog manager and writer for Uratex Blog.

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