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Now that we’re past Valentine’s Day, our family looks forward to St. Patrick’s Day which shortly follows after. Aside from everyone being allowed to wear green from head-to-toe, St. Patty’s Day is generally an adult holiday due to the high levels of drinking that are often associated with it. However, your kids shouldn’t have to miss out on a bit of fun simply due to adult festivities. There are plenty of ways to host a family friendly St. Pat’s Day celebration without the alcohol.

Create Festive Desserts
While supplying your party with personal St Patricks Day Gift Baskets is a great way to think your guests for coming, it isn’t always easy or feasible to do. So to give your guests some delicious options, while also giving you and your kids a fun project, consider making festive desserts. You can make green sugar cookies, pretzels dipped in green dyed white chocolate, or even try your hand at some traditional Irish desserts such as chocolate potato cake or apple barley pudding.

Try Some Traditional Fare
While corned beef and cabbage may not sound appetizing to your kids, there are several other Irish dishes that you can all create together that may be a bit more palatable. Potato soup, soda bread, and meat pies are all relatively easy to cook, and your kids will enjoy getting to help you out in the kitchen only to try their creations afterwards.

Homemade Decorations
Your kids clothes don’t have to be the only things that are green on St. Patty’s Day. Consider getting in some good craft time by creating homemade St. Pat’s decorations to put up around your house. Four leaf clovers and green garlands are always fun and easy to create, and it will have your house looking a bit more festive if you plan on having guests over.

On St. Patty’s Day we all may have a little Irish in us, but that doesn’t mean we all want to drink or be around those who are, and often, it just isn’t appropriate for kids. If your town or city hosts a great St. Patrick’s Day parade, consider taking your kids to that and then inviting family and friends back to your place for a tame and enjoyable St. Pat’s celebration. You can put on Irish gigs and let everyone enjoy the food without having to worry about alcohol consumption ruining your celebration as well.

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