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If you have had back problems in the past or have had a difficult pregnancy before, due to pain and discomfort, then you are probably concerned that you will have to live with it for a few months during your current pregnancy.

Or, perhaps you have genetic reason why you are concerned…if your mom or sister had to deal with a lot of pain and uncomfortable durations through their pregnancies. Unfortunately, that is an indicator that you will experience discomfort as well.

It really doesn’t matter why you are concerned, just that there may be some help for you.

Never too Early to Take Action

Dr. Kevin Luck, of Complete Care Health Services, says that if your mother or sister has had back problems with pregnancy, you could also expect to see some of it because it can be genetic. And, according to Dr. Luck, there is scientific proof that proper treatment, such as seeing a Chiropractor, can help to alleviate pressure and pain.

And, it might be best to seek treatment, especially before it gets bad. This could help to make the pregnancy more comfortable…and the delivery.

How it can Help

Some of the common areas of pain and discomfort are the pelvic area, hips, and lower back. It could be that your muscles are far more constricted during a pregnancy than other times. Also the bones might not be accommodating the pregnancy as they should be.

In an interview, Dr. Elliot Berlin, of Berlin Wellness group, said that this pain is not normal, and could be indicative that the pelvis is not functioning properly. But, even though it’s not normal, it is common. In other words, you don’t have to just accept that it’s part of being pregnant.

Nobody wants to tarnish such a beautiful event in their life by feeling miserable. As I mentioned above, it’s never too early to seek help, and it can relax the muscles, as well as encourage the bones to move.

Now, let’s talk about the available options you might have. Just remember to seek your doctor’s advice and approval before starting anything new, or continuing something once you learn of your pregnancy.

Methods of Treatment

1. Chiropractic Services

Seeking help from a Chiropractor can help with problematic areas such as unstable vertebrae, or disc issues. I have sought Chiropractic treatment several times throughout the years, and have seen some amazing results, whether I have gone in for a spinal adjustment, or to have him work on my wrist.

Chiropractic treatment can also be successful in treating pregnant women with lower back pain and pressure. Routine appointments should see you through a few months, right into a more comfortable, healthy, and natural delivery.

2. Therapeutic Massage

I am talking about a real therapeutic massage, not the fluff massage that feels good, but is meant for relaxation only. Not that there is anything wrong with relaxing…especially when pregnant. However, there are medically based massage treatments that can actually help with symptoms such as muscle spasms, unnecessary swelling, painful joints, circulation, and problems with digestion.

Many massage therapists who perform medically sound massages will work in a medical office, including Chiropractic. If you are interested in finding someone, ask your doctor who they would recommend.

3. Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help with many ailments, pain included. I have never had it done myself, but have heard of some wonderful results. As with anything that is considered ‘alternative’, you will find people on both sides of the fence regarding the safety of it during a pregnancy.

Even though it’s been done successfully many times, one thing seems to be clear. There are certain areas of the body that should be avoided if you are pregnant. So, it’s best to seek the advice of your doctor. If they are willing to approve it, then maybe they would have a few suggestions on who to see.

4. Yoga

If you are already doing yoga, then you might be able to keep it up. Or, perhaps you haven’t done it in a while and would like to start it back up. Again, seek your doctor’s opinion first.

However, if you don’t know much about it, yoga is great for stretching muscles and strengthening, which will help significantly in maintaining a functional pelvic musculature system. This will allow for more comfort during the months, as well as increase your chance of a beautiful and healthy delivery on labor day.

Best Chance of Natural Delivery

There are no guarantees, and you might consider running from anyone who suggests otherwise. However, with one of the treatments above, especially through a Chiropractor and your physician, you will be increasing your odds at having the best natural delivery possible. Of course, this is providing that there are no complications.

Most every woman hopes for a natural delivery for both the experience and the healing time, often much better than a c-section. So, it’s nice to know that you have options to boost your chances a little, and have a nicer, more comfortable pregnancy as you wait for the bundle of joy to arrive.

In Closing

It’s great to know there are options to help you with the discomfort that is often associated with pregnancy. As I mentioned, it’s best to seek approval from your doctor for any activity and treatment when you are pregnant. Even though these are non-invasive, it’s not worth the risk if your physician believes you, and your unborn baby, are not up to it.


Melissa Cameron is a freelance writer, currently writing a series of articles on back pain and pregnancy with the help of a Doctor in Chiropractic, Phoenix based. Melissa lives with her family, in Texas.

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