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It’s the weekend and the kids are ramped up and ready to go. But bad news, there is rain in the forecast and your little ones were looking forward to playgrounds and riding bikes. Before they catch cabin fever try out these five fun ideas before the rain starts to pour:

Tents and Forts: Grab all the blankets, pillows and head to the largest room in the house. Hand over the supplies and watch the kids build a tent or a fort built for little kings and queens. Throw some pillows inside and pair it with books, flashlights and crayons. Make some snacks and let them eat in their new fort and you won’t hear any complaints for hours. In fact, good luck, coaxing them out of their tents for dinner time.

Movie Time: Have the kids pick out a movie they want to watch and grab some blankets. Let them snuggle up on the sofa or make a pallet on the floor. To make it extra special, pop some popcorn and make some hot coco. This will take up their time for at least an hour and half. If you need more time to keep them busy, make it a double feature!

Arts and Crafts: Time to raid that junk drawer and closet for all things craft like. As long as you have some paper and pens, you can have the supplies needed for craft time. Have them make a card for their grandparents or to make something to put on the fridge. Don’t forget the stickers and glue!

Bake: Kids love helping in the kitchen! Let them bake some cookies or cupcakes just for fun. Be sure to grab them a sturdy stool and let the belly up to the counter. Baking is a great and entertaining learning experience.

Play outside: If there is no thunder and lightning send the kiddos to the yard. Make sure they wear rain boots and clothes you don’t mind getting muddy and wet. Have towels on stand by and intercept them before they come charging in. Have them take showers to clean up and warm up. Some of the greatest childhood memories are made playing in the rain.

So check the weather report and prepare a fun day in or playing in the rain with your little ones. Keeping them busy with these activities will pass the time until the Sunshine makes an appearance. Have a Happy Rainy Day!

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