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When it comes to family the time you spend together matters most, especially as the oldest members of the family continue to age. Cross-generational bonding is at an all-time low, but it doesn’t have to be. There are some pretty simple ways to bring the extended family together, grandparents to grandkids, and make the time spent more interactive and more valuable. Here are five gadgets to span generations and bring everyone in your family together:

Nintendo Wii – since it hit the market in 2006 the interactive games have served as a great way for people to interact. Most of the games can be picked up by people of all ages, from young children to older seniors, and span interests from bowling to music and the Olympics to dancing. Have you ever seen a grandfather in a dance-off with a 13-year-old granddaughter? It’s definitely worth watching!

eNeighbor – more geared towards safety and accountability than entertainment, the eNeighbor is a gadget designed to monitor the home for habit and pattern irregularities, such as a senior forgetting to take medication or falling asleep while bathing. If something seems out of normal the gadget will automatically contact emergency contacts, such as family or doctors. Though it may take some time to get in sync with a senior’s habits, keeping them safe is worth it.

Xbox Kinect – with just as many games as the Wii and ever-increasing ways to play them, the Xbox Kinect is a motion-sensored control console that makes motion the game. An 80-year-old can get in a boxing ring with a 20-year-old and stand a fighting chance, or they can even be a jedi night alongside their grandson Anakin.

Irobot – this automatic floor cleaner is small enough to get into both large and small places. It takes floor sweeping off the chore list for the elderly and their family, making their home safer and giving them more time to connect with family. It’s definitely a nifty little robot that comes in handy.

Film and Negative Scanner – convert their print film and photos into digital memories. Undoubtedly your senior has amassed a trunk full of photos, perhaps more. One of the easiest ways to preserve their memories and your family is to digitize them. Some digital scanners can scan multiple separate images at once and some digital picture frames an scan photos directly onto display.

Older generations don’t have to be completely disconnected from the digital means of the younger generations. These gadgets can help them connect more and interact with the rest of the family in multiple ways that can be preserved for a lifetime. Bring everyone together for family time. Have fun.

About the author:

George Shaw has worked in the senior care field for 23 years and currently helps seniors and their families find retirement communities in texas that fit their health and family needs.

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